• Interactive: Discipline according to race and total student populations in Central Florida

    By: Daralene Jones , Anthony Colarossi


    The following spreadsheet shows raw numbers of disciplinary actions and it calculates percentages of discipline according to race and total student populations. Here’s an explanation of the columns and the numbers and percentages they show:


    Total Discipline represents the raw number of students disciplined by race.

    Total Population represents the total population of students by race.

    % Discipline shows Total Discipline divided into Total Population -- or the percentage of students disciplined within their race.

    % Student Population by Race shows the percentage of students by race in relation to the total student population.

    % of all Disciplines shows the percentage of white, black and Hispanic students disciplined compared to the total number of disciplinary actions.

    % Total Student Population Disciplined calculates the percentage of students disciplined by race compared to the overall student population.

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