Take on a top secret crime at the Orlando Science Center

Take on a top secret crime at the Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center is inviting guests to take on the role of a spy to solve the “Quantum Computer crime” in its newest exhibit, “Top Secret: License to Spy“ which opens Saturday.

The visiting exhibition is a demonstration of how scientific thinking can be used to solve problems in many aspects of everyday life with 21 interactive experiences that explore the science and technology of espionage, including:

  • Navigating a room full of laser beams without setting off an alarm.
  • Finding the hidden microphones in a room that has been bugged by watching the reactions on an oscilloscope while tapping various objects around the room.
  • Using a thumbprint scanner to gain access to satellite technology to pinpoint geographic locations with suspicious activity. 
  • Cracking codes by aligning sections of a transparent combination lock.
  • Creating a disguise to go undercover.
  • Using voice-changing technology to confuse enemy agents.

The “Top Secret“ experience is ideal for both children and adults with behind-the-scenes glimpses of an undercover world that has been recreated with life-like sets and activities.

“Top Secret: License to Spy“ is on display at the Orlando Science Center until May 3. It is included with general admission and free to science center members.

For more information, visit the center’s website.