• SWAT raids Kissimmee home; cops find drug making materials


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - An 11-year-old boy found himself in the middle of a SWAT raid in Osceola County on Wednesday.

    Skywitness 9 HD got video of the boy being hosed down as a precaution for fear that he may have been exposed to dangerous chemicals, while a SWAT team prepared to see if there was a methamphetamine lab inside a duplex near Kissimmee.

    But no meth was found.

    Investigators said inside the apartment they found "materials consistent with the manufacture of meth."

    "If there is a meth lab in there, it's not a safe environment for a child," said Stacie Miller with the Kissimmee Police Department.

    It all started when neighbors smelled what they thought was gas and called the fire department.

    Firefighters didn't find a gas leak, but did see enough to call police.

    "There was some possible evidence that would show that there might be a meth lab, so we evacuated everybody for their own safety and we contacted the people inside and they did not want to come outside," said Miller.

    Police had to move in. Crisis negotiators talked as the SWAT team assembled, heavily armed and wearing gas masks.

    Police said the people inside finally surrendered and the boy's mother was the last to give up and come out of the apartment.

    "It's definitely pretty scary because my nephews, they're always out here playing. Scary to think about, knowing that his dad and his mom were doing that stuff that could hurt a little young kid," said neighbor Taylor Berg.

    The adults and the young boy were all taken to a hospital for evaluation.

    WFTV was told drug charges are pending.

    Police said if they determine this was a home doubling as a meth lab, child neglect charges are possible as well.

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    SWAT raids Kissimmee home; cops find drug making materials