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    WORK RESUMES: Road work on the I-4 Ultimate project is back up and running Monday morning, a week after a construction worker was killed on the job. SGL Constructors announced Monday morning that the work would resume at 7 a.m. Read more here, and watch Eyewtiness News at Noon for the latest.

    ROBBERY SUSPECT STRIKES TWICE: Orlando police are searching for a bank robbery suspect who allegedly robbed the Orlando Federal Credit Union in January and returned to rob the same location Saturday.

    SHOOTING: Orlando police are searching for who shot and injured a man blocks away from police headquarters Sunday night. Officers said an adult black male was found shot near the intersection of South Street and Lime Avenue around 8 p.m. Click here for the full story.

    RECALL: The U. S. Department of Agriculture has announced a recall of almost 50 tons of chicken products after an ingredient was not listed on the label. See the full list of products that are impacted.

    RED CARPET POLITICS: Two California singers made no secret of their political beliefs at Sunday's Grammy Awards, paying tribute to President Donald Trump with their red carpet looks. Read more about their fashion statements here.

    ABUSE OF FAITH: An investigative report reveals more than 300 Southern Baptist Convention leaders and volunteers have been accused of sexual assault for more than 20 years. The San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle reported Sunday that a six-month investigation found more than 700 victims were affected by sexual abuse by volunteers and leaders at the SBC. Click here to read more about the report.

    YIKES: A woman faces multiple charges after she threatened a deputy with a "visit from the KKK" during an arrest, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Read more about the woman's arrest here.

    VACCINES: More parents are deciding to either fully withhold vaccinations or delay them, but once children are able to decide for themselves, do they remain unvaccinated, or do they get the treatments? Find out what one teen found after he posed that question on Reddit.

    WHEN YOU GET HOME: Since 2011, drivers in Florida can face a $121 fine for driving slow in the left lane, yet the Florida Highway Patrol rarely carries out a crackdown, with police and traffic attorneys saying enforcing the law against slow driving is difficult.  In 2014, the Florida Legislature revised the law to make the left lane for passing, not cruising, unless there was congestion or an obstruction in the right lanes. But, because unlike speeding where a radar gun is evidence, drivers going slow in the left lane usually avoid citations. We answer the question: "If I’m in left lane and going the speed limit, am I breaking the law, or if I’m in left lane should I speed?" Watch this story tonight on Channel 9 Eyewitness News at 5:45p.m.




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