• 9 Investigates changes to Bright Horizons day care lawsuit

    By: Karla Ray


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Details about what two families claim happened to their children inside a Baldwin Park day care will not be sealed, despite a push from attorneys for Bright Horizons day care and former teacher Jayrico Hamilton.

    A judge also decided that Bright Horizons cannot be held responsible for that former employee’s alleged actions, but they will still face claims of negligent hiring and supervising Hamilton, who is accused in two lawsuits of molesting kids.

    “The allegations are horrendous, contorted, disgusting, clearly sensationalized,” Hamilton’s attorney, Cynthia Conlin said during a hearing on her motion to keep some records, including one of the lawsuits, sealed.

    Hamilton is named in two lawsuits, accused of sexually abusing children at the preschool center in Baldwin Park at 1700 Firehouse Lane in Orlando.

    Bright Horizons Children’s Center is accused in the same lawsuits of knowing about the teacher's attraction to young boys and doing nothing to stop it.  

    The suits claim center administrators were alerted about the teacher's behavior and that a teacher assigned to Hamilton’s classroom raised concerns to the center’s director that the teacher was “grooming” a male student.

    Those claims will not be sealed after two separate judges denied motions filed by Hamilton’s attorney and Bright Horizon’s attorney.

    “We think these are important cases and the public has a right to know what's happening and and follow the cases,” Jeff Herman, who represents the families bringing allegations in both lawsuits, said.

    Herman will have to make some changes, including removing a claim that Bright Horizons has a policy of paying for attorneys for teachers accused of sex abuse in order to protect itself.  

    “To say that is some sort of a scheme to perpetuate the sexual abuse of children is absolutely outrageous,” Gregory Prusak, who represents Bright Horizons, said.

    DCF issued a 90-day suspension order against Bright Horizons, but they are still open pending an appeal and hearing.  Bright Horizons has petitioned for that hearing, but it hasn’t been scheduled.

    Hamilton has not been arrested or charged with any crime.

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