• 9 Investigates claims Orange County man defrauded workers compensation


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County man is accused of taking more than a half a million dollars in workman’s compensation.

    Ricardo Aponte said for 10 years, he has not been able to help himself following an injury at his construction job in 2007. Aponte said he needed a motorized wheelchair to get around.

    However, the state said he lied about his injuries, and wants the nearly $560,000 in restitution that Aponte was given by the state.

    Private investigators with Command Investigations began looking into Aponte’s claims that he was too injured and needed a motorized wheelchair to get around.

    Private investigators said they found Aponte walking one day, picking up his wheelchair another day, pushing a shopping cart and getting in and out of a boat.

    Channel 9’s Janine Reyes tried questioning Aponte about the fraud, but he said, “No comment.”

    “I’m innocent until proven guilty, right?” Aponte told Reyes.

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