• 9 Investigates looks into handling of Central Florida teacher sexual abuse cases

    By: Samantha Manning


    Dozens of teachers across Central Florida have come under investgation for claims of sexual contact or inappropriate communication with students over the past three years.

    At least five of those teachers were arrested in connection with disturbing allegations of abusing kids or teenagers

    "That's horrifying, definitely," said parent Richard Molina. "Something you know that you don't want to happen to your family members."

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    Molina is the father of two young boys who are students at Castle Creek Elementary School, a school where a fifth grade teacher was placed on administrative leave following accusations of molesting a young girl.

    9 Investigates looked into records from Central Florida school districts about teachers accused of similar actions and found the records weren't easy to track down. 9 Investigates eventually found there have been at least 68 internal investigations into teachers or school employees for having inappropriate sexual contact or communication with students during the last three years. 

    At least seven of the internal investigations across Central Florida that were ruled unfounded resulted in the teacher either receiving a warning or being cleared.

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    In the 60-plus cases where evidence backed up the allegations, most did not lead to criminal prosecution. Those allegations involved sending inappropriate messages or making a comment about a student's appearence. 

    Those cases ultimately led to suspensions or cost the teachers their jobs.

    Local school districts said they handle allegations based on the nature of the accusation.

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