9 Investigates: Orlando firefighters exposed to asbestos at worksite

ORLANDO, Fla. — 9 Investigates was first to discover that Orlando firefighters were sent to train in an apartment building filled with asbestos without knowing it.
Orange County Environmental Protection officials launched an investigation and inspectors found the ceilings, floor tiles and duct work all had asbestos in them.
The Orlando Fire Department shut down training operations at the Lakeside Village Apartments for good.
A doctor met with the firefighters Thrusday to explain the impact asbestos could have on their health and they learned that they'll have to monitor their lungs for years to find out if it will take a toll.
The asbestos problem was well documented in city files before the firefighters were sent in to do the work.
Dr. Stan Haimes told the firefighters that the risk of mesothelioma is low, but not zero.
"On the other hand, I do think it's reasonable that they get medical testing on a regular basis, just to make sure that if anything does develop they'd be able to treat that early on," Haimes said.
Each firefighter has had a record placed in their file documenting the risk in case they get sick in the future.