• Action 9 fights for consumers and gets results


    ORLANDO,Fla. - A Seminole County man called Action 9, claiming a solar energy company took out a $15,000 loan in his name then kept the cash. Todd Ulrich tracked down the company for results and we also have the latest on a "celebrity con man" Action 9 investigated who is back behind bars.

    Gepetto Jackson claims he's a member of the Jackson family, but our investigations found he's really Andre Vann who convinced victims like Kristina to pay big fees for his connections to make them stars.

    “We just feel so stupid,” said Kristina.

    But Vann was recently arrested in Texas for larceny. He’s accused of telling another "future star" he was a Jackson who could take them big time.

    “He tells them he is connected, he is the ticket, and he will get them to go toward their dreams,” said attorney Donna Graves.

    Investigator Andrea Brasoveanu and Graves have been tracking him for nearly two years from Orlando to nine other states.

    They believe Action 9's initial investigation helped chase him from Florida, but now getting victim refunds won't be easy.

    “They have nothing on paper that you can find not even a car in his name,” said Graves.

    There are warrants for fraud and grand theft in Massachusetts. There are more than 100 victims who lost between $1,000 and more than $100,000 in a few cases.

    John Parsons called Action 9 after the solar company he paid to install $35,000of energy equipment hit him with a surprise loan for another $15,000. “They opened a second loan that wasn't authorized and that's a problem,” said Parsons.

    It crippled his credit and Parsons claims All Solar Service and GE Capital have not taken his name off that phantom loan for months.

    “Someone kept that money. Someone has it,” said Parsons.

    After we contacted All Solar and GE, both said Parsons’ name and good credit would be cleared within days.

    “You've been able to help me very much,”Parsons said.

    The All Solar Service owner told me he just learned about the loan this week and he started an internal investigation and said John Parsons does not owe that money.

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    Action 9 fights for consumers and gets results