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    ORLANDO,Fla. - Action 9's Todd Ulrich helped an elderly couple in Maitland who answered a telemarketing call then claimed they were trapped with a $10,000 solar water heater they did not want.

    Ulrich also helped a Winter Park man who had to pay a rebooking fee for a flight that didn't even exist.

    Zackary Goldberg had to reschedule a flight on Allegiant Airlines and paid an $85 rebooking fee. Then, Allegiant canceled that flight but it kept the extra fee he had paid.

    “I shouldn't have to pay for them canceling the flight,” said Goldberg.

    Ulrich contacted Allegiant. He was told there were other routes Goldberg could travel but he would be given a full refund.

    “I guess they have to make their money somewhere,” said Goldberg.

    Robert Boutchyard is 97, his wife Barbara is 91. The couple's daughters claim a telemarketing pitch and the salesman who followed crossed the line.

    “I think when they got here and saw my parents, they took advantage of them,” said daughter Barbara Valis.

    Valis said she discovered that her parents bought the solar hot water heater weeks ago. It was installed a day after the contract was signed and cost $10,000.

    Valis claims her parents were misled about what it could do and the company never obtained a city permit.

    “I think they took advantage of us,” said Barbara Boutchyard.

    “Do you remember these guys being here?” Ulrich asked Boutchyard. 

    “No.  Not really.  Look, I'm 97 (I) don't remember my name half the time,” said Robert Boutchyard.

    Barbara Boutchyard said Florida Energy Water & Air refused to cancel the deal since the three days had passed.

    Ulrich took the couple's case to the company. It has agreed to remove the system or let them pay a very cheap cash price. A company representative said it would be the Boutchyards' choice.

    “My father is not capable of signing anything,” said Valis.

    Florida Energy Water and Air is part of Discovery Marketing.

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    Action 9 success stories