• Action 9 investigates missing wedding memories


    ORLANDO,Fla. - More than a dozen brides claim a local company took a big deposit for their wedding pictures then disappeared.

    On Facebook, Eddie Solis appears in a Superman T-shirt, but for many local brides he's a villain, not a hero.

    Julia Demeo paid Solis Productions $2,600 upfront to photograph her wedding and deliver albums and videos. She was recently married and the company never showed up.

    "You took my money and spent it. You didn't provide any services. Where is my money?" asked Demeo.

    Action 9 found at least 15 other couples who claim they are victims too.

    Janeye Allen paid $1,500 in advance. She claims Solis stopped returning calls months ago.

    "I don't think it's morally right that he did that to us," said Allen.

    Melissa Ocasio Castro said after paying $3,000, a photographer took pictures at the wedding. But, she said, Solis never delivered the album or video.

    "What he did is horrible," said Castro.

    Four others brought their case to the Orange County Courthouse and filed small claims cases.

    Koreen Baker won a $1,200 judgment against Solis after he failed to appear.

    "Will you ever get your money?" Action 9's Todd Ulrich asked Baker.

    "I don't know, but I'm going to try to get whatever I can," said Baker.

    Customers said Solis ignored their complaints. He did agree to talk to Ulrich.

    "Don't these families have a right to know what happened to their money?" Ulrich asked Solis.

    "They have every right to know what happened," said Solis.

    Solis blamed a bad economy and his poor business decisions that drained company finances.

    Solis said he's not hiding, but working to get a new job so he can start paying refunds.

    "My intentions are to pay people back. Unfortunately it's going to be a slow process, OK," said Solis.

    Solis closed the wedding company and said if he can't find a new job, he may file for bankruptcy.

    Ulrich said consumers should, when possible, avoid big deposits and use a credit card within 60 days of the event.

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