• Action 9 Investigates Mortgage Loan Mess


    Orlando, Fla,None - Several local families claim an Orange County loan company is threatening to foreclose, even though they haven't missed a payment. Michelle Martinez can't believe she's fighting to keep her parents Deltona home out of foreclosure.   Since she says the bank records show they have not missed a payment and yet  foreclosure warnings keep arriving. "Countless calls to this company and never get a straight answer." Michelle blames  Litton Loan for creating the problem. Litton was sold to  Ocwen Loan Servicing  near UCF. She claims it's done nothing to resolve her parents nightmare. "Instead of resolution the problem it just gets bigger."

    Pastor Daisy Fisher claims she too battled Litton and now Ocwen after it bought her mortgage. She says both lenders  demanded escrow payments for insurance she  already paid and fears losing her property. " It's been like hell sleepless nights, never bad I just want to get rid of it."

    Ocwen, which bought Litton Loan earlier this year has an F rating at the Better Business Bureau with nearly 890 complaints nationwide. BBB president Judy Pepper says many consumers disputed surprise fees and  payment histories without success. "We're talking about people who have the paperwork and sent it to them time and time again and it never gets there."

    An Ocwen vice president told Action 9 it just started servicing the loans in September and both consumer never contacted the company, but he said it  will now fully review their documents. The consumers say they have complained to Ocwen without any results.

    According to Ocwen Loan Servicing, it has responded to BBB complaints from around the country, and it has challenged it's F rating. Litton Loan did not respond when we asked for a comment.

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