• Action 9 confronts mechanic accused of charging for work not done

    By: Todd Ulrich


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Customers thought a mobile mechanic could save them time and money. Instead, they claim they lost hundreds of dollars to the same mechanic for repairs that were never made.

    When Susan Friel's car broke down, she called a mobile mechanic service. A technician came to her house and charged $350 for repairs.

    “They handed me a receipt and said everything was fixed and they left,” Friel said. But she claimed the car still had big problems. Then another repair shop told her the mobile mechanic charged her for repairs he never completed.

    “I think they took advantage of me because I was a female,” Friel said.

    Friel contacted Action 9 investigative reporter Todd Ulrich when she couldn't find any address for Central Florida Mobile Mechanic.

    An Action 9 volunteer called, requesting a car repair at a test home.

    Ulrich asked the mechanic about his work.

    The mechanic’s uniform had the name "Dass" on it, but he denied that was his name.

    Ulrich asked about Friel’s repair.

    “She says it's you and you charged $350 but didn't finish the job?” Ulrich said. 

    “Every job on a customer's car, we have completely done them,” Dass said.

    But not according to two other customers with similar complaints.

    “I was furious and embarrassed because I had fallen for it,” said Dave Wainwright. He said he paid the service $1,300 to fix his Hummer but later an expert told him it was shoddy work and many  parts were not replaced. Wainwright said it was the same mechanic, Radesh Dass.

    “I've never been able to get him back on the phone,” Wainwright said.

    Friel said Dass responded by text and boasted about cheating her.

    “I saw the text. You're bragging about ripping her off,” Ulrich said. 

    “Well, she was making very offensive comments,” Dass said.

    Ulrich found corporate paperwork for Dass Mobile Mechanic Services, owned by Radesh Dass, but the company was dissolved 18 months ago.

    “Can I get your registration number for auto repair in Florida?” asked Ulrich.  

    “We have that, of course, obviously,” Dass said.

    Florida's Division of Consumer Services told Ulrich there's no company or man by that name registered for auto repair as required by state regulations.  

    Dass filed new corporate paperwork as a mobile mechanic last week.

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