• Action 9 helps woman find her missing money


    ORLANDO,Fla. - A local woman claims she lost $250 using a Facebook app to transfer money. When the company didn't respond, she called consumer investigator Todd Ulrich for results.


    And a Lake County man also contacted Action 9 for help with a home warranty battle he was having over his refrigerator.


    Home warranties give you peace of mind until you need to file a claim. And many times the fine print, and what’s not covered, turns the process into a real challenge.


    “The LED reader was showing the internal temperature was 60 degrees.” Jim Glentz said when his refrigerator’s freezer failed, he thought he was covered by his Globe Home Protection Warranty


    The first repair tech said it could not be fixed. Globe sent a different repair company and again was told, “Its a pump failure and its non-repairable,” Glentz said.


    His policy includes replacement if an appliance can't be fixed. But Globe said he didn't qualify for a new refrigerator.


    Action 9 contacted Globe for him then he got an email explaining his case was reopened and the company would now pay for a new refrigerator.


    “Do you think our contact got results?” asked Todd Ulrich. 


    “Absolutely. 100 percent. For sure,” replied Glentz.




    Lillian Barquero thought Facebook's Messenger App offered an easy way to send out of town family quick cash.


    “You would enter the amount, hit pay, and you immediately have it on the other side,” said Barquero.


    On the Messenger account, you add a debit card to send or receive money.


    Three weeks ago, Barquero got a nasty surprise. “I'm very upset, very upset because it was my money.”


    Her sister sent her $250 dollars. But it showed up as "pending."   A week later it read "canceled."


    Despite calls to Facebook, Barquero could not locate the cash.


    It has been terrible,” she said.


    Barquero turned to Action 9.  Facebook told Todd Ulrich, a new Florida law required home addresses on money transfer accounts.


    24 hours later she got her cash, but she said she's done using the App, “I don't want to risk that happening again.”


    Facebook told Action 9 it's notifying all Florida customers about the changes needed to transfer money and the company said it quickly resolved any complaints.


    When it comes to home warranties, if you feel you have been wrongfully denied, you can always file a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Services. Warranties are a kind of insurance and are regulated by that state agency.


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