• Action 9 investigates breast cancer charity's toll violations nightmare


    ORLANDO,Fla. - Action 9 investigates a toll violation nightmare that's hard to believe.


    A local breast cancer charity was slammed with thousands in toll violations triggered by other people's vehicles all over the country.


    Robin Maynard Harris founded Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation to help women get mammograms. Now she's got another fight.


    Her charity's RV, which is used for reaching new clients, was hit with thousands of dollars in toll and red light violations.


    “We are parked, unable to give services and it's a shame,” said Harris.


    She calls it outrageous because the charity's being charged for violations triggered by dozens of other vehicles all over the country, in multiple states, including Texas, California, Florida, and Virginia.


    It started after Libby's Legacy got the Florida tag, DRV-PNK, for drive pink.


    But a national auto dealer uses DRV PNK promotional tags to support cancer research. When drivers with that promo tag failed to pay tolls, cameras snapped pictures and it's run through a nationwide system.


    That activity kept nailing Libby's Legacy as the toll violator. They received a $235 charge from Dallas and $146 from San Diego.


    Just one example, the promo tag was on a small black car running a red light. It was obviously not a 30-foot RV that's registered to Libby's Legacy, Harris said.


    “I don't understand it and we've spent hours and hours trying to get it resolved,” said Harris.


    Calls and emails to state regulators and the toll agencies didn't end it. Now collection agencies are demanding overdue tolls.


    Harris contacted Action 9, “You're our last hope to get this done.”


    A week after Todd Ulrich reached Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Libby's Legacy was told its tag would be protected and its toll nightmare would be over.


    “Our time needs to be spent helping people -- that's why we're here,” said Harris.


    Autonation is the dealer with its own drive pink promotion for charity.


    The dealership told Action 9 it's hoping the tag confusion has been resolved by the state and it's offered to pay all of Libby’s Legacy toll violations.


    DHSMV response:


    The department is aware of this issue and has been working with the dealership for resolution. DHSMV has told AutoNation to cease this practice as they are putting their customers at risk of violating Florida law. Additionally, the department is monitoring the tag to ensure no registration stops are placed on the tag as a result of these toll violations.


    For your reference, temporary tags should be placed in the typical license plate position. Please see Florida Statutes 316.605(1) and 320.131(4)a.


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