• Action 9 investigates complaints about Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    By: Todd Ulrich


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A Kissimmee man told Action 9 that a rental car company is demanding $1,000 for damages he didn't cause. 

    Action 9's Todd Ulrich found Marcos Diaz is not the only one making that claim. 

    Diaz said there's no way he damaged a rental car. 

    “Shocked. I actually thought it was a joke or mistake,” Diaz said. 

    But Enterprise Rent-A-Car told Diaz that it found front bumper and headlight damage. Enterprise Rent-A-Car said Diaz had to pay for repairs that totaled nearly $1,000. 

    “I didn't do any damages.  It didn't happen on my clock,” Diaz said. 

    Diaz rented a Chrysler 200 from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car office in Kissimmee. As a former rental car worker himself, he said he knows to check for damage and said he did that before leaving the car after hours, and used the key drop box. 

    Now, after getting the repair bill, Diaz demanded to see the car. Enterprise sent him a picture of the front right side that left him even more puzzled and mad. Diaz said the picture didn’t show anything wrong with the car. 

    “Literally you can't see the damages. I was so upset. I thought about going on the premises and taking pictures of my own,” Diaz said. 

    Diaz said the company refused to show him the car. He complained to the Florida Attorney General. Action 9 checked with the Attorney General’s Office and found since Jan. 1 , six other Enterprise customers sent similar complaints. They claimed the rental company charged them from $500 to $1,400 in damages that didn't exist or were already there.          

    At the Enterprise office in Kissimmee, managers told Action 9 that the corporate office would review our questions. Enterprise Rent-A-Car told Action 9 that there had been miscommunications and that Diaz was no longer responsible for damages and the case was closed.  

    The company also said the vehicle was returned to a dealership, and that complicated the issue. According to the company, all six state complaints were resolved to the customer's satisfaction.  

    Action 9 says with any rental, document the vehicles condition when it’s returned. The easiest way is taking pictures with your phone and saving all documents. 

    Statement from Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

    “Because this vehicle was dropped off at a location different from the one where it had been rented, there was some confusion about the vehicle damage.  It would have helped if the customer had let us know right away that he had concerns.

    “Regardless, as soon as we finished researching our records, a letter was sent to the customer (Aug. 3) officially confirming that we would not be pursuing any damage claim.  As a result, we were very surprised when this news station contacted us almost a week later about the issue.  We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding and appreciate your efforts to help clarify the situation.”

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