• Action 9 investigates new homes infested with termites

    By: Todd Ulrich


    CLERMONT, Fla. - It’s something homeowners never expect when buying a new home. 

    Buyers claim termites swarmed their houses just weeks after moving in and they claim the builder only offered Band-Aid repairs.

    Ester Maritza showed Action 9’s Todd Ulrich video showing thousands of termites swarming inside her new home near Clermont after she moved in just four months ago.

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    “Every single day there were more and more. We couldn't figure out where they were coming from,” said Maritza.

    The house was built by Century Homes. Right next door, the family who just moved into their new home by the same builder, made the same alarming discovery.

    “Like a hurricane of bugs in the wall just flying out. I'll tell ya, I've been around a long time and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said David Dvorozank who showed Action 9 pictures of the telltale mud tunnels left behind by subterranean termites.
    Both owners said they thought new home warranties covered a nightmare they never expected. 

    “There is a warranty and the builder doesn't seem to care,” said Maritza.

    Both families said the builder's pest control company confirmed termite invasions but said Century only covered spot treatments to control the pests.

    According to the owners, the builder is only offering one-year of termite treatment, protection they call not nearly enough.

    “Basically we need help, that's why we called you,” said Dvorozank.

    Florida's building code requires termite pretreatment for all new homes. Builders must chemically treat the ground under the slab, or the wood, or install a bait system.
    If that fails, home buyers can contact state regulators for an inspection.

    “They could be looking for evidence of a pretreatment. They can see if what the company said they did, they did or not,” said Entomologist Phil Koehler. 

    Century Homes told Todd Ulrich it would pay for any damages and cover underground termite bait systems for one year. And it wants to resolve all issues with both families.            

    “There has to be a solution,” said Maritza.

    Both families said they have complained to Florida's Agriculture and Consumer Services Department.
    Century Homes said both homes were pre-treated for termites and it is rated A-plus at the BBB since it works to resolve customer complaints.

    Century Homes response:

    Century Homes responded quickly to her  concerns.  Century Homes offered to pay for any damages, although no damages were reported.  She however wouldn’t allow the Sentricon treatment to be applied and threatened to call a lawyer and the news; therefore, the Sentricon treatment couldn’t be applied, this was attempted twice.  Please note that neighbor Justin Dvoroznak, did allow installation of the Sentricon bait system to address the situation, which is the protocol if a termite situation was to arise. 


    Century Homes stands behind our product and its termite services provider.  Century Homes has always been willing to help with these matters prior to the media being contacted, and still will be more than happy to assist if given the opportunity.  Century Homes strives in customer satisfaction and want our homeowners to be happy with their homes. Please let me know if you have any further questions.    


    Justin Dvoroznak

    11/21/16—Pretreatment completed in home.

    1/31/17- Home closed

    3/27/17- Customer called in reporting seeing termites in their laundry room, manager protocol scheduled

    3/29/17- General Manager Darrell Bowens

    3/30/17- Century Homes ordered bait install

    4/4/17- Bait installed, paid by Century Homes and will pay the first year renewal.



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