Action 9 takes action for consumers dealing with contractor

Action 9: Homeowners who paid nearly $40,000 for new pools they claim the contractor never finished

ORLANDO, Fla. — Action 9 is taking action for homeowners who paid nearly $40,000 for a new pool they claim the contractor never finished.

Consumer reporter Todd Ulrich got results days after his first investigation aired, and he also helped a woman who lost $1,200 using a mobile payment app.

Debbie Jackson used Cash App for convenience to collect a $1,250 rent payment. Instead, Jackson said the mobile payment app turned into a black hole.

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“Where is your money?” Ulrich asked.

“I have no idea,” Jackson replied.

Convinced someone hacked her account to steal money, she called Cash App.

Jackson said that didn't work so she turned to Action 9.

Ulrich contacted Cash App managers in San Francisco several times. Two months later, $1,250 turned up in her bank account.

“I think Action 9 was a huge component getting my money back,” Jackson said.

She said she never got an explanation.

“I will never use that form of payment again regardless of how convenient it is,” Jackson said.

Best way to protect your money when using payment apps is to attach the account to a credit card, not a bank account. That way you can dispute payments that disappear.

Action 9 also helped Lori and Wade Parris with an issue they were having with a pool contractor.

The pool was a concrete shell, months after they paid nearly $40,000 to build a new pool.

The couple told Ulrich they kept calling All in One Pools to finish it but weren’t getting results.

“It's no fun when you're a pain in someone's neck, and we were for sure,” Lori Parris said.

Six other families contacted also contacted Action 9 about unfinished pools.

After Ulrich reached the company's owner, several consumers told him the contractor got to work.

At the Parris’ home, it went from a concrete shell to a finished pool in just a week. Parris said the company had crews showing up at 7AM, sometimes working until 8PM that night, including the weekend.

“It changed because you came out here and that was it, and it changed everything,” Parris told Ulrich.

Company managers told Ulrich new sales exceeded the crews available to build pools, but that's all been resolved.

Parris is thrilled with her pool.

“Very happy. It's just exactly what we dreamed of, what we've been waiting for,” Parris said.

For any big home improvement projects, pay the least you can upfront. It's better to pay as you go, as the work is completed.