Artist Protests High Gas Prices Near OIA

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None — A local artist was fed up with two Orlando gas stations hiding their ridiculously high prices, so on Thursday he held up his own sign to warn drivers.

Brian Feldman stood on a street corner for almost seven hours with a heavy sign with the gas prices posted on it, hanging from his neck.

His demonstration came on the same day as a court hearing was held about the issue.

The Sun Gas station and the Suncoast Gas station are located near Orlando International Airport and have been racking up fines for weeks because they refuse to advertise their high prices. Both stations are charging nearly $6 a gallon.

“Some people thought I worked for Sun Gas and I'm trying rip them off,” Feldman said.

Sun Gas and the Suncoast Gas station refuse to post their prices. It's been going on for years. Sun Gas's price per gallon is $5.79 for regular unleaded, and it is the highest price in the country.

Orlando city officials passed an ordinance requiring stations near OIA to post prices on signs, but they refuse to comply. They even sued the city.

Lawyers for the city and the two stations were debating the case before a judge on Thursday, but no ruling was made.

Each day the prices aren't posted, the stations are fined. At last check, they've each accumulated $15,000 in penalties.

A hearing is schedule in a couple of weeks, where a ruling is expected. As for Feldman, he's contemplating a second silent protest in the future.