• Best Disney World Treats to Beat the Heat

    By: AJ Wolfe/Disney Food Blog


    It's hot out there, guys!

    And sometimes, when you're standing in line or traipsing around on the pavement at Disney World, it can feel even steamier. That's when I love to visit one of my favorite spots for something frozen that will cool me down in a flash. Today, we're taking a look at some of my favorite treats for beating the heat at Disney World!

    Dole Whip Float

    Tropical fruit seems like the perfect answer for refreshment on a hot Florida day. That's why when the mercury starts to climb, I often make a beeline for Aloha Isle at Magic Kingdom. This great little stand plays host to some of my favorite treats anywhere -- Dole Whips! The pineapple soft serve has attained legendary status among Disney fans, and with good reason. It's cold, refreshing, fairly low in calories -- and now the popular pineapple flavor is also vegan and gluten free! While a cup of Dole Whip on its own is something to sing about, I recommend having a Dole Whip Float with pineapple juice. There is nothing more satisfying on a hot, sticky day.

    Ice Cream Martini

    You may not have thought that Epcot's France Pavilion could get anymore delicious -- but indeed, it has! Just recently, the long anticipated L'Artisan des Glaces ice cream and sorbet shop has opened, and now there's a new entry into the category of frozen treats. While you may be perfectly happy sampling the shop's daily offering of sixteen different flavors, you might consider indulging in an Ice Cream Martini. This delicious drink is a cross between a sundae and a float. Two scoops of ice cream -- your choice of flavors -- are placed in a martini glass, and a shot of premium liquor is poured over the top. And the liquors are desserts in themselves: Grand Marnier, Rum from Martinique, and whipped cream-flavored Vodka. It's the perfect answer to the question, "Can ice cream be even better?" Yes, yes it can.

    Eiffel Sour Slush

    Speaking of the France Pavilion, we couldn't very well leave out one of its most legendary indulgences -- the Grown Up Slushes available at the Vins de France kiosk! Available with the addition of either Grand Marnier liqueur or Grey Goose vodka, we don't feel like a trip around the World is complete without having at least one. But some would say that the best France slush of all is the Eiffel Sour Slush, which is only available during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The bright red drink is the perfect marriage of sweet-tart flavors, and it's beautiful to behold as you stroll around World Showcase enjoying it. The best news of all: you'll be able to enjoy the Eiffel Sour Slush again this year, as it returns once more for the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Look for it at the France marketplace booth when you visit the festival from September 27 – November 11.

    Triple Yeti Blast

    Seeking a cool down in Disney's Animal Kingdom? Look no further than Upcountry Beverages. You'll find this little drink stand on the path behind the Tree of Life between Africa and Asia. Once there, check out the Triple Yeti Blast. This one is for the adults, too. Three different margarita flavors are layered and combined into one irresistibly chilly drink. The flavors -- strawberry, lime, and mango -- come together to provide just exactly the right ratio of sweet to tart flavors. And it's fun to have such a nice variety all pulled together into one beverage.

    Mickey Bar

    We couldn't leave this classic out. Whether you're a toddler or a grandparent, everyone loves the cool refreshment of a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. And what's not to love? The creamiest vanilla ice cream, coated with a crisp shell of delicious dark chocolate. And that famous Mickey shape! We're not sure what makes this so darn fantastic -- whether it's the treat itself, or the location in which you enjoy it -- but I'm not sure it really matters. When it comes time to have my Disney ice cream fix, this is the treat that I often reach for. So go ahead. You're in the parks, it's 800 degrees -- you need a heat-beating treat! The great thing is that you're never far from one. Whether your pleasure is a frozen drink or an ice cream treat, you definitely should take advantage of the frozen bounty. There's no better way to cool off as far as we're concerned.

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