• Cold weather outdoor plant tips


    None - Cold weather tips

    • Bring in potted plants.

    • Give extra protection by covering them with burlap or another fibrous cloth. Don't cover them with plastic because it draws heat from plants. If the plant is too big, douse the ground around it with water before nightfall. Cold-tolerant plants left outside include junipers, hollies, ligustrums.

    • Don't worry about citrus trees or hardy vegetables such as broccoli, but irrigating or covering them won't hurt as long as there is no water sitting on the plants overnight.

    • During the day before a possible freeze, get as much water into the ground as you can but don't get water on the plant after sunset. While commercial growers sometimes turn on sprinklers to protect plants during a freeze, it can backfire and ruin plants if you don't know exactly when to turn them on and off.

    If your plants have suffered damage from the cold, these steps might help:

    • After the cold has passed, resist the temptation to prune cold-damaged plants for a few days until the full extent of the damage is known. Wait a few days and see how the plant recovers. You may only need to trim away damaged parts

    • Check the plant's buds if leaves have shed because of the cold. The plant should be fine if the buds are still green.

    • Give the plant only moderate amounts of water. If possible, keep exposure to the sun to a minimum.

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