• Cops: Man possibly high on drugs runs into local elementary school


    ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Police said an Osceola County man is in jail after he barged into a St. Cloud elementary school cafeteria Tuesday.

    Police said Glenn J. Bay, 40, walked into the extended-day area of Lakeview Elementary School on Fifth Street, where he asked an employee to call 911 before running off.

    Four staff members immediately rushed 20 children away from Bay after he burst through the door.

    "They had everyone out within 20 seconds," said Apryl Jackson of the Osceola Teachers Association. "The children were trained, they've done the drills, they knew what to do."

    St. Cloud police said Bay was on drugs, possibly methamphetamine, and was behaving erratically. WFTV reporter Kenneth Craig found out Bay had been arrested 21 times in the past.

    According to the school district, he was on the school's campus for less than a minute, and a spokesperson told WFTV it was not considered a breach of security because Bay didn't break in.

    At the school board Tuesday night, a district spokesperson blocked Craig from the superintendent. Instead, he was referred to School Board Member Jay Wheeler.

    "Why isn't the district considering what happened today a security breach?" asked Craig.

    Wheeler answered, "Everything was handled properly, St. Cloud police department was there right away, it was an extended day, school wasn't underway, all the children were safe."

    The school district's explanation, however, didn't sit well with parents.

    "I think it is a breach of security," one parent told WFTV. "It's the safety of the kids. You never know what can happen."

    "I think they need to take things seriously, because people are going nuts nowadays," another parent said.

    After running out of the school, police said, Bay approached a vehicle along Columbia Avenue.

    Thirteen-year-old Kayla Gross was sitting in her family's SUV, waiting for her mother, when Bay came to the driver's side door.

    "He's like, 'Get in the driver's side! Drive! They're coming to shoot me! They're coming to get me!'" Gross said.

    Kayla said when Bay got in the car, she got out and he sped away.

    Police said Bay drove himself to St. Cloud Hospital, where he went inside seeking treatment.

    Bay was taken into custody at the hospital, and police said he may face charges of grand theft auto and trespassing on school grounds.

    Police also said Bay himself frantically called 911, but in his allegedly impaired state, he was difficult to understand as he claimed someone was trying to kill him.

    "Police won't help me, man," Bay can be heard saying on the 911 call. "I fear for my (expletive) life, man. I need to go. I need to get away, man. They are going to kill. These (expletive) people are after me for real, man."

    Craig asked if the district plans to review their policies because of the incident, but Wheeler stormed off before answering.

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    Cops: Man possibly high on drugs runs into local elementary school