• Pro athlete arrested in 7-Eleven robbery


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Authorities said a professional wakeboarder was arrested in connection with a 7-Eleven robbery in Orange County earlier this week.

    Surveillance video shows a man in a red headband walk up the counter and lift his shirt.

    Investigators said he was flashing a gun at the employee and demanded money.

    "He threatened (to shoot) the employee to if (he) didn't give him the money," said Det. Greg McQuitter.

    A tipster saw the surveillance video and recognized the man as pro wakeboarder Michael Kyle Evans, 20.

    Authorities arrested Evans on Thursday.

    Evans posted about the incident on Facebook prior to his arrest, writing, "I will have to pay for my wrong doings and get the help I need. A lot of you close to me have known I haven't been myself. There's nothing cool about this, and it is no laughing matter."

    Police said Evans confessed, but they wouldn’t say why he did it.

    No one was hurt in the holdup.

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