• Cruelty & Neglect Investigations


    None - Sometimes it is difficult just to listen to the voice mail each day, as our community's citizens call in to report on pets they have seen hurt. A child shooting a cat with a b-b gun...a man kicking a dog…someone setting a pet on fire…someone throwing a pet out of a car window onto the highway…someone who suspects a neighbor is raising pets as bait for dog fighting….these are stories that tell us that perhaps our community is not as civilized as it thinks it is.

    Here's the good news in this grim subject. Most of the time, the Society's Cruelty Investigators really serve as educators. Most of the time, pet owners just need to be taught, or reminded, about the proper way to shelter and care for their companion animals. These owners mean well, but perhaps were misinformed or misguided. Conversations, education and follow-up by SPCA staff most often will direct the owners to provide the appropriate level of care for their pets.

    But on days when mere education is worse than useless, the Cruelty Investigators are there, working with Animal Services and law enforcement to bring the pets to safety and the criminals to justice.

    It's never too early to identify this problem. Social scientists and law enforcement agencies now recognize that cruelty to animals is a serous HUMAN problem, closely linked to other violent crimes. Cruelty to animals is another form of family violence, and pets are often the most likely recipients of this violence.

    To report a suspected case of cruelty or neglect, or to better understand the laws regarding animal cruelty and neglect, contact <a href="mailto:investigate@ohs-spca.org">investigate@ohs-spca.org</a>.

    Courtesy: SPCA of Central Florida

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