• Dog Fatally Shot After Attacking Orlando Cop

    ORLANDO, Fla. - A dog bit an Orlando police officer Monday and another officer shot the dog. It happened on Randall Street in Parramore (see map) and there was a party going on right next to where the officer started shooting.

    Orlando police say it started late Monday afternoon when an officer stopped a car that was blowing out excessive exhaust right on the side of the road, and then there was a hail of gunfire.

    Investigators say, once the officer got out of his car in front of a house on Randall Street to take a look at the car that was smoking, a pit bill not on a leash charged at the officer and bit him in the back of leg.

    The officer tried kicking the dog to get him away, but that didn't work. Then he tried shooting the dog, but missed. Seconds later, another officer showed up and, in fear of being attacked himself, that officer fired several shots and killed the dog.

    Some residents living in the area say it wasn't necessary for the officers to shoot the pet, but police say they had no choice.

    The officer is expected to be okay. Right now, no one is facing any charges.

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