• Double-murder trial continues in Brevard County


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla.,None - A Brevard County man is on trial and facing the death penalty, accused of killing his estranged wife and the 19-year-old man she was having an affair with.

    Patrick Wharen Sr. is accused of killing the two in 2008.   His murder trial resumed Monday morning in Titusville.

    The jury has heard two 911 calls. The first call they heard came from Patrick Wharen's son, PJ, after he was shot in the struggle outside the home.

    The second call came from another victim, Jonathan Vuick, inside the home.

    Prosecutors say Wharen was upset with his wife moving in with Vuick, who she claimed was the fiancé of a daughter given up for adoption nearly 20 years earlier.

    There is no dispute Patrick Wharen was the shooter. The questions are: What was his state of mind, and did he kill his wife and her roommate in the heat of passion, as his defense attorneys claim?

    Wharen did not show any emotion as the second 911 call was played.

    Wharen's defense attorneys say he snapped on April 4, 2008 and went on a shooting rampage. Gunfire can be heard in the background of the 911 call. Vuick was standing inside the door and was shot multiple times through it. 

    “He's trying to break into my house. He's trying to break into my house,” a caller says during the 911 call.

    Then the sound of a gunshot can be heard.

    According to prosecutors, the call made to 911 came from a phone found in Vuick's hand.  

    Prosecutors say that after Wharen killed Vuick, he went into the house and shot his wife, Kelly.  She was found with three gunshot wounds.

    Late Monday morning, a neighbor took the stand and said Wharen had been drinking with them before the shooting, and that they heard him threaten to kill his wife and the 19-year-old she lived with on multiple occasions.

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