• Marion County school layoff details


    Marion County School Layoff Details:

    261 employees have been notified that their positions will be eliminated next school year. This includes:

    • 160 first-year teachers
    • 72 district-funded elementary paraprofessionals,
    • 16 clerk generalists at middle / high schools, and
    • 13 district-funded physical education technicians.

    These cuts alone amount to nearly $4 million.  The remaining $25 million (of the needed $29 million in cuts) will come from other decisions including:

    • Not filling Staffing Plan -  $14 million
    • Exceeding Class Size Limits - $7 million
    • Restructuring elementary Art, Music, PE, and Media Services - $ 2.2 million
    • Reassigning other employees - $1 million

    The district expects $295 million in revenues for the new budget year, $13 million more than this year.  However, this includes $7 million earmarked for teacher raises and $4 million for retirement expenses -- both mandated by the Florida Legislature.

    With projected expenses of $324 million, the $29 million deficit resulted in historic moves for the district including layoffs, class sizes, and the elimination of paraprofessionals.

    The budget process is on-going, and if more cuts are needed, possibilities include district-wide furlough days for employees and pay reductions across-the-board.

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