• Parents, students, teachers take advantage of tax-free holiday


    ORLANDO, Fla. - For the first time, electronics stores like Best Buy had to gear up for Florida's tax-free weekend.

    Channel 9 found dozens of parents and children getting their shopping done on the first day of the tax-free holiday with lengthy lists in hand.

    For the first time, parents can save on big-ticket items like computers, iPads and tablets that come in under $750 each.

    PDF: 2013 Florida Sales Tax Holiday Listing

    Using Avalon Elementary School's second-grade list to see the savings, shoppers would save roughly $70 by shopping during the tax-free holiday.

    While $70 may not sound like a lot, some families with more than one child said it makes a huge deal.

    "I came here yesterday and saw the sign and said, 'Oh, we're coming back tomorrow," said mother of four Michelle Campfiore.

    But parents and students aren't the only ones who were waiting for the tax-free weekend to shop.

    "I was waiting for this to come to pick up the stuff that I needed the most," said teacher Lorna Gardon.

    On Friday, Channel 9 saw several teachers with full carts taking advantage of the tax-free items and spending money out of their own pockets to supply their classrooms with the essentials.

    "Hopefully I'm going to buy enough that it'll take them through the whole school year if I spend my money wisely," said Glenridge Middle School teacher Billie Rainey.

    One teacher told Channel 9 the savings are especially helpful to her because she works at a charter school where she said teachers don't get as many supplies as regular district schools.

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