• Five tips for saving money at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    By: Matt Hochberg/StudiosCentral.com


    With ticket prices at Walt Disney World going up again this year, there’s always a good reason to try to save a little bit of money to make your next trip a little more affordable.  At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are a few ways that you can save a few dollars while still enjoying everything the park has to offer!

    5. Get your (re)fill!

    Soft drinks at Walt Disney World are a little on the expensive side, at about $2 for a cup of your favorite soda.  But at the Backlot Express restaurant, you can find self-serve soda machines that allow you to refill your cup as many times as you want.  This allows for a far better value for the soda and you can even take a last refill “for the road” as you leave the restaurant.

    4. Cool down… for fee!

    When it’s hot in the park, kids are always looking for ways to cool down with a little bit of water and there are places throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios to cool down without having to fork over money for those “squeeze breeze” fans that spray a mist of water.

    The Streets of America usually have a few fire hydrants open that spray water in a variety of directions.  Further down the street is the Singing in the Rain umbrella that can drench you in water falling from above.

    In addition, you can head to the Backlot Tour entrance to find another two places to cool down for free. There is a huge Coke bottle that sprays water and mist every few seconds and the Backlot Tour tram that has crashed through the wall near the entrance to the ride sprays mist from its radiator every minute or so.

    There’s also spots inside Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure for kids to get wet.

    3. Water for everyone

    If you’re feeling a little parched, you can always grab a cup of ice water for free from any counter service location.  This is a great way to save money on bottles of water or soda in the park and it’s also a good way to stay hydrated. 

    You simply need to go to any counter service restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that has a soda dispenser (meaning they offer cups of soda, not just bottles) can give you a free cup of iced water. You just ask the Cast Member for a cup of iced water and they'll happily oblige and there's no charge.

    Some locations that I know offer the water and ice and are usually easy to get to are Starring Rolls Bakery, ABC Commissary, Tower of Terror Coffee, and Herbie's Drive In.

    2. Test your movie trivia

    Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-kind shop near the entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers a trivia contest every day to guests to try out their movie knowledge.  This is a fun and free activity for kids or adults.  Once you think you know the answers, ask a Cast Member from the shop to see if you’re right.

    1.  Free Souvenirs!

    Every kid loves to get free stuff and there’s still free souvenirs you can get at the Studios.  You can get a free drawing at the Animation Academy or an arts and craft project at the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster kid spot.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Hochberg is a Disney's Hollywood Studios super fan and runs StudiosCentral.com, a site dedicated to all things Hollywood Studios. Matt also hosts WDW Today, a free Walt Disney World planning podcast that offers trip planning advice, strategies and tips. You can find Matt on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.