• Graphic video shows DUI suspect smashing face into FHP cruiser glass


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Graphic video from inside a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser shows an Orlando doctor bashing his head against the back seat divider as he lost his temper with troopers during a DUI arrest.

    The suspect, Zach Bird, who works as an anesthesiologist in Titusville, goes berserk inside the FHP cruiser after troopers searched his pockets and found $40,000 in cash.

    "All of the officers are stealing my money!" Bird can be heard screaming, though no money was actually taken, police said..

    Police said Bird was driving along State Route 417 early Sunday morning when investigators said he nearly ran a trooper off the road. Bird was pulled over and failed a field sobriety test, police said.

    When troopers searched his pockets, they found the cash. In his car, police said they found another $14,000.

    Police then searched Bird in the back of the cruiser, which is when he began banging his head into the Plexiglas divider, screaming and kicking, saying, “Take me to the hospital!"

    As the smashing continues, blood starts running down Bird’s forehead, into his eyes and mouth.

    He also continuously screamed, "Stop stealing my money!"

    Troopers, concerned Bird would seriously injure himself, pulled the handcuffed man back out of the cruiser.

    “When they got him out of the vehicle, he swallowed, took a deep breath and mouthful of blood, spit blood all over one of my sergeant's faces,” said Kim Montes of the FHP.

    Bird was facing a DUI charge, but after spitting the blood, he’s now being charged with resisting arrest with violence, as well as property damage, since he broke the glass with his face.

    The FHP had to have a biohazard team clean the interior of the cruiser.

     On top of the cash, investigators said they also found unknown pills and two handguns in Bird’s car.

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    Graphic video shows DUI suspect smashing face into FHP cruiser glass