'Garbage everywhere': Lake County drivers growing tired of cyclists on area roads

Video: Drivers in Lake County neighborhood say they're fed up with cyclists in the area

LAKE COUNTY, Fl. — Some Lake County residents have increasingly grown tired of some of the issues they said cyclists are causing for their roads.

The problem has become so bad that the county is putting together a symposium for drivers and cyclists to come up with solutions.

A main area for concern is the one lane road on Sugar Loaf Mountain, which is a popular course for cyclists around Central Florida.

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Some residents aren't too fond of their communte being a destination for the cyclists.

"I've had beer cans thrown at me, I've been spit at and had people side swipe me," said one cyclist. "I haven't been pushed out the road, but they come so close to you."

One resident even told Channel 9 that the cyclists even relieve themselves on the side of the road.

"Garbage everywhere, they're just throwing cups," said the resident. "Relieving themselves, anyway you can image on the side of the road."

County leaders are holding a safety forum in April in hopes of soothing the tempers on both sides.