'I'm going to kill you right now': New audio revealed in Winter Park law office stabbing

New audio reveals tense moments from inside a Winter Park law office back in May, when police said a former Orange County deputy stabbed his soon-to-be ex-wife?€™s attorney.

WINTER PARK, Fla. — New audio reveals tense moments inside a Winter Park law office in May, when police said a former Orange County deputy stabbed his soon-to-be ex-wife’s attorney.

A woman’s attorney said the husband she was trying to divorce put the attorney in a chokehold, so he pulled out a knife to defend himself. But the husband then turned the knife back on him.

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During a divorce proceeding, the wife’s attorney, Kevin Maxwell, told police the husband, Gordon King, started mouthing obscene things to his client.

When Maxwell told King to stop and tried to end the meeting, he said Gordon came at him across the table.

“He said, 'I’m going to kill you right now, you fat little (expletive).' I reached into my pocket and I pulled out my knife and struck him in what I thought was his left arm, the one that was around my throat,” Maxwell said.

"He pulled a (expletive) knife on me! He (expletive) stabbed me,” King said.

“Every single man in that room ran for their lives,” Maxwell said.

An attorney in an office down the hall came to help.

During an interview, attorney Christopher Morrison said he saw King over the top of Maxwell.

"I grabbed all three of their hands, trying to stop the knife from doing anything else at that point. So, my intent was, yes, to stop it, obviously, and try to disarm anybody if I could," Morrison said.

Maxwell said King grabbed his knife and turned it back on him. He said King didn’t stop stabbing until he thought Maxwell was dying.

"He stabbed me twice in the side with the knife in the same hand, and he said, 'I'm killing you,' and I said, 'I think you already have,'” Maxwell said.

The attorney said he had a gun with him but decided not to pull it out because he didn’t think it would take that much to stop King.

About an hour after the stabbing attack, King's ex-wife told detectives about the repeated threats King had made, and she said King had threatened her constantly during their separation.

King told her, "that he was watching me and I needed to be careful."

She said she filed multiple injunctions against King in the past, but she was concerned about meeting in a law office for the depositions in their impending divorce.

King's ex-wife said King has a history of aggression issues, but she wasn't aware of them until after their marriage.

Maxwell is recovering from several stab injuries and King is being held in jail without bail.