• 'I was just letting him know that I carry,' says taxi driver who intervened in parking dispute

    By: Jason Kelly , Myrt Price


    LEESBURG, Fla. - A pregnant woman said she was giving her 15-year-old daughter a driving lesson in the parking lot of a Leesburg Walmart on Thursday evening when another driver started honking a horn at her.

    Police said Felicia Russell was backing out of a parking spot when the other driver pulled behind her and repeatedly honked at her, so she got out of the vehicle and confronted the man.

    Taxi driver Derrick Brown told Channel 9 that he was in the area waiting for a fare when he saw the argument between the woman and the man escalate.

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    "I wouldn't have stepped in it, but she looked like she was in distress, and he was very aggressive and screaming all in her face and spit (was) coming out of his mouth," Brown said. "She's almost eight months pregnant (and has) two kids in the car. I got daughters. I'm not going to stand by and see something happen to a pregnant woman like that."

    Brown said he intervened to try to peacefully resolve the argument, but the man was beligerent and started shouting profanity at him. He said he drew a gun that he is licensed to carry.

    "I was just letting him know that I carry, and the best thing for him to do was go on about his business," Brown said. "I put the gun back, (because) I saw he was a punk. Anybody attacking a pregnant woman is a punk in my eyes."

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    Watch video of the confrontation below:

    Brown said the man punched him as soon as he holstered his gun, so he punched him back.

    Police showed up moments later to interview everyone involved. No one chose to press charges.

    "You look for trouble, and sometimes you find it," Brown said of the man. "Police say I did the right thing. They shook my hand when they left."

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