‘We acted responsible’: New Smyrna Beach couple fights to get money back after debit card stolen

Video: Action 9 investigates debit-card fraud

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A couple recently found out how risky losing a debit card can be.

Jacquelyn and Christopher Good say someone stole their card and drained nearly $10,000 out of their account. But the bank didn’t cover their losses, so they turned to Action 9’s Todd Ulrich for answers.


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According to the Goods, the woman caught on surveillance tape is Jennifer Rodriguez, a neighbor who needed a ride and somehow swiped their debit card.

Rodriguez allegedly rang up $500 and $700 charges, then got $100 in cash back, according to the Goods.

The couple called TD Bank’s customer service line after they lost their card but before the fraudulent charges occurred, they said.

Six weeks later, the Goods sent TD Bank the police report, and the bank still hasn’t covered their losses.

“We acted responsible, as responsible as anybody could be,” Jacquelyn Good said.

Debit cards don’t offer the same blanket fraud protection as credit cards. Federal regulations state that the longer it takes to report a card theft, the more cash you could lose.

Action 9 reached out to TD Bank. Officials responded that they “thoroughly investigate fraud complaints and work closely with the law enforcement to take appropriate action.”