• Police: Man shot by girlfriend during dialysis treatment


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orlando police said Shemira Hargrove, 32, shot her boyfriend at the Florida Dialysis Center on 35th Street while he was undergoing treatment Monday.

    Police said Hargrove was with him at the treatment center around 9:30 a.m., and shot him once.

    Hargrove appeared distraught, and repeatedly apologized for allegedly shooting her boyfriend and putting patients' lives in jeopardy.

    "Did you try to kill him?" Hargrove was asked as police led her away to jail.

    "No, I didn't try to kill him," she said.

    Hargrove told WFTV that she was sorry, as she was being led out of Orlando police headquarters Monday afternoon.

    "He hurt me. I apologize. OK?" said Hargrove.

    "(A) lady walked in and shot the man while on the table," said witness Josie Clark.

    Eyewitnesses inside the center at the time of the shooting said they were startled after seeing Hargrove snap.

    "I heard the pop," said Clark.

    Hargrove's boyfriend, who is in his 30s, was shot once in the stomach while still hooked up to a machine at the dialysis center.

    "It appears there was an argument and at one point the victim was shot," said Sgt. Diego Toruno of the Orlando Police Department.

    "It was very sad. I knew him. He was such a nice guy," said patient Anne Tony.

    While police conducted their investigation at the center, dialysis treatments continued for patients.

    Police said workers sprang into action to keep patients calm and tend to the victim.

    A company spokesperson said health care workers acted swiftly to talk the alleged shooter out of unleashing more bullets, while others tended to the man who was shot.

    Patients in the waiting room rushed to safety.

    "Everybody got out from the lobby and there was a little lady at the door and a guy said, 'Come with me, they're shooting,'" said patient Ramon Pabon.

    Police said Hargrove is homeless. She began to cry as she was taken to jail.

    "You're obviously emotional, why?" Hargrove was asked.

    "Because I love him and I apologize," said Hargrove.

    Police said Hargrove's boyfriend underwent surgery Monday afternoon. He was a frequent patient at the dialysis center.

    Security at Orlando Dialysis Center was stepped up Monday night, as guards checked people's bags.

    "The people who work for this company were trained appropriately, (and) therefore were able to act heroically," said company spokesperson Nancy Schwalb.

    Hargrove is being held at the Orange County Jail on attempted murder charges.

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