45-acre brush fire in Palm Bay damages four homes

PALM BAY, Fla. — Fire crews are monitoring hot spots after a brush fire raced through a neighborhood, damaging four homes.

The flames were burning in Palm Bay near in the area of Quentin Avenue SE and San Filippo Drive SE.

The blaze started shortly before 4 p.m. and there was still heavy smoke in the area at 10 p.m.

“I went and grabbed the garden hose to keep the fire from the house,” said resident Michael Narcisse.

Narcisse did whatever he could to protect his 65-year-old mother’s home.

Florida’s Forest Service does not know if the fire began at a home or in the woods.

Palm Bay Fire Rescue said the 45-acre blaze wasn’t 100 percent contained until after sun set, leaving concerned friends and loved ones waiting for hours until roads reopened.

“I wanted to go check it out and see if he was alright, but they won’t let me through,” said resident Sonny Talbalt.

Firefighters said about 100 homes were exposed to the radiant heat, but there were no mandatory evacuations.

Two homes were damaged by radiant heat, while two others were damaged by flames.

No injuries were reported and the Palm Bay Fire Department had not determined a cause.

“I’m hopeful we will hear something tomorrow (Thursday). We know where the point of origin is, but we don’t know the cause of the fire,” said Palm Bay Fire Chief James Stable.

Stable said windy conditions made fighting the blaze difficult.