10 suspended, 2 charged after girl fights break out at Leesburg school

Raw Cellphone shows girl fight at Leesburg High School

LEESBURG, Fla. — Ten girls were suspended after a series of fights at Leesburg High School, officials said.

There was a noticeable law enforcement presence today after fights like this one forced students back to their classrooms Thursday.

Deputies said they do not know what triggered the fights.

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Channel 9 was told that numerous fights broke out Thursday during lunch.

"As they broke out, multiple people were jumping in. So, deputies obviously had their hands full trying to separate everyone and get it all sorted out," said John Herrell of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Students told Channel 9 that nearly a dozen fights broke out Thursday at about the same time.

"It was crazy. Nothing like I’ve seen before," said Hannah Behm.

Officials said lunch time was cut short, and many students didn’t get to eat lunch.

"They came around and gave us graham crackers," said Behm.

There have been recent fights not only at Leesburg High School and near Oak Park Middle School.

Channel 9 asked the district if the fights were connected.

Officials said they believe issues in the community between the students are spilling over into the school.

"At point everyone is together, mingling and free roaming. So we had the extra deputy there for added security," said Herrell.

Of the 10 girls who were suspended, two with charged with misdemeanor offenses.

"This is not all fun and games. They get all excited and like to post it on social media, but this is serious stuff," Herrell said.

School officials said they are working with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to determine how many students were involved.

Investigators said they’re reviewing videos to help identify others who were.