• $10,000 reward for Astro-Dome vandals extended


    COCOA, Fla. - A $10,000 reward has been extended until the end of July for information on the vandals who destroyed Cocoa’s famous Astro-Dome.

    The dome is still sitting in a mangled pile.

    No trespassing signs and locked gates now line the Astro-Dome’s property, but deputies said that did not stop vandals from breaking in, jumping on a nearby backhoe and knocking it to the ground over Memorial Day weekend.

    Cocoa resident Rick Naples said the Astro-Dome used to be a great place.

    “When the fairground was here, it was really nice, they had something to look at, they had a tent over it, it was active,” he said.

    Mike Erdman, who owns the Astro-Dome, was hoping the iconic dome would be part of a new Cocoa facility.

    Now he’s extending a $10,000 reward until the end of July to find the culprits.

    Naples said he is not sure it’s worth all the hassle.

    “It’s been closed down for quite a while and it’s an eyesore. It’s pretty rusty, it used to creek a lot and it’s a piece of junk,” he said.

    Investigators are still taking the crime seriously.

    They’re hoping one of the 20,000 daily drivers who cruise down the road daily saw something.

    Several tips have come in, but nothing substantial enough to arrest the vandals.

    Any information that’s called in must lead to an arrest in order for the caller to earn the reward.

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    $10,000 reward for Astro-Dome vandals extended