Deputies increase presence at Volusia County school after 12 arrested in brawls

There will be an increased?law enforcement presence at Atlantic High School on Friday after?fights?broke out in the cafeteria, in a courtyard?and?in a?discipline?office Thursday afternoon, the Volusia County Sheriff?s Office said.

PORT ORANGE, Fla. — There was an increased law enforcement presence at Atlantic High School on Friday after fights broke out in the cafeteria, in a courtyard and in a discipline office Thursday afternoon, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies said one adult and 11 children were arrested after the fights, which happened at about noon.

They said they arrested a man who visited the campus with brass knuckles because his younger brother, who was involved in the fight, had been attacked at the Sunset Oaks apartments Wednesday evening.

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He was charged with trespassing and carrying a concealed weapon.

Investigators said 11 children were charged with disruption of a school function, and two of them were also charged with probation violations.

Officials aren't sure what caused the fight but mentioned they received a tip the day before.

"Our school resource deputy summoned extra law enforcement officers to the school after learning a possible fight might occur," the Sheriff's Office said in a news release. "Despite extra officers, the juveniles began to fight and were separated by school staff and officers."

The school was placed on a lockdown as a precaution.

Ray Diaz said his daughter sent him a text message, informing him that the school was under a Code Red status.

"All we're thinking is let's go to the school and pick them up," he said. "You can't even do that, because they lock everybody in and lock everybody out."

Diaz said he saw a dozen police cruisers at the school.

One person was taken to a hospital with chest pain. No other weapons were found on campus, and no students were injured.

Extra law enforcement was also in place Thursday for a basketball game at the school.

Watch video of the brawls below:

This raw video was provided courtesy of Michael Munn.