• Action 9 investigates a $126,000 bank mistake


    ORLANDO,Fla. - An Orange County man claims a $126,000 bank mistake froze all his accounts. Then, he said, trying to correct it was nearly impossible.

    Tony Beltran said he will never forget the day he checked his bank account and received a shock.

     "I said 'What?  What is going on here?'" said Beltran.

    Beltran said his account was overdrawn by more than $126,000.

    According to Beltran Bank of America triggered it when it processed his  loan modification payment of $1,268.

    He said the bank added two zeros and cashed an electronic check for $126,800.

    Beltran called the bank.

    "She admitted it to me she made a mistake. (and she said) I'm going to correct it," said Beltran.

    The money came out of his Chase account to pay a Bank of America mortgage.

    Bank of America had his money and its mistake froze his accounts, but Beltran said that for two weeks the bank did  not correct it.

    "Trying to get in touch with these people is like trying to get a needle out of a haystack," said Beltran.

    In less than two years Action 9 has investigated 75 complaints against Bank of America, and many of those consumers claimed the bank had made nightmare mistakes that left them frantic, some said they feared losing their home.

    Felicia  Ross said Bank of America approved a loan modification and then kept demanding documents which Ross claims she already sent.

    "At least 50 times, the same documents over and over and over again," said Ross.

    Ross said the account is so mixed up she could face foreclosure.

    "It's been total chaos," said Ross.

    Yvonne  McDaniel said Bank of America kept canceling a short sale she was trying to close on, and she blames bank mistakes.

    "This experience has been horrific, words just cannot explain," said McDaniel.        

    According to federal and state regulators, the bank giant  had more complaints last year than any other.

    Two days after Beltran contacted Action 9, and a local attorney, the bank  reversed its $126,000 mistake.

    "We would still be battling these people and trying to resolve the problem," said Beltran.

    Bank of America has told Action 9 it cannot respond for privacy reasons, but said they had contacted each consumer.

    A spokesman said it is the largest bank, so it would have more complaints.

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    Action 9 investigates a $126,000 bank mistake