• 2 people allegedly tortured roommate over rent money


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has uncovered disturbing new details about how two people allegedly tortured their roommate over rent money.

    Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies swarmed an Orange County street Wednesday night where Lattista Moore and Kensy Mehu are alleged to have tortured Moore’s male roommate for hours.

    Authorities said Moore lived in the unit with the victim and brought Mehu, her ex-boyfriend, to the house when she suspected the victim stole her rent money.

    Investigators said the victim was hogtied with duct tape, beaten, stabbed with a kitchen knife and burned with scalding oil.

    It allegedly went on for hours and hours, investigators said, until the victim was able to break out the back window and escape.

    The man somehow jumped over a fence, ran for his life through a yard until he got to a house where he begged and pleaded for the person inside to call 911 – all the while dodging bullets from the people who were allegedly just torturing him.

    "I just can't believe this is even happening in our neighborhood," neighbor Ray Harrington said.

    When authorities arrived, the man was bloody, burned and covered in duct tape.

    In the hospital the victim was able to identify his attackers who were tracked down, arrested and charged with attempted murder.

    They're being held at the Orange County Jail without bond.

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    2 people allegedly tortured roommate over rent money