• Men charged in LA Fitness car break-ins could be members of 'Felony Lane' ring


    CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Casselberry police have arrested three men they believe are part of a large burglary ring that deals in identity theft.

    Officials said Ench Smith, Guercy Smith and Traver Paul were breaking into cars at the Casselberry LA Fitness on Tuesday when the victims walked out and caught them red-handed, police said.

    Casselberry police arrested the three men a short distance away.

    Officials said the men may be a part of an organized crime ring called "Felony Lane," whose members are known for stealing purses out of vehicles.

    One victim in the Casselberry case said she kicked a suspect when she saw him breaking into her car. She was able to identify the men to police.

    Police said the crimes happen a lot at gyms, because it's a hassle for people to bring their wallets or phones inside when they work out.

    "They target crimes of opportunity, mostly in gym areas, day cares," said Casselberry Police Capt. David del Rosso.

    In those cases, thieves often used stolen IDs to cash checks at bank drive-throughs.

    "That's pretty organized," said gym-goer Nancy McGuffee. "That's worse than just a smash and grab."

    In fact, shortly after the Casselberry break-in, one victim's credit card was used in Orange County.

    Investigators said the group got the name Felony Lane because members use the outside lane at the bank to cash the fraudulent checks.

    Police said using that lane makes it harder for a teller to see their faces and it makes for an easier escape.

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    Men charged in LA Fitness car break-ins could be members of 'Felony Lane' ring