• Ocala man denied bail after allegedly killing co-workers over prank


    OCALA, Fla. - A man who was arrested on charges of fatally shooting three of his co-workers after one of them "punked" him and videotaped it was denied bail Monday, officials said.

    Investigators said the three men were fatally shot by Andrew Lobban, 31, outside a downtown Ocala bar shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday.

    According to police, the shooting victims were found on the sidewalk outside of AJ's on the Square, located at 11 E. Silver Springs Blvd.

    Police said two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The third later died at a nearby hospital.

    The victims were identified as 20-year-old Jerry Bynes, Jr., 25-year-old Josue Santiago and 23-year-old Benjamin Howard.

    Witness Cort Halliburton told WFTV he was in the area at the time and heard the gunshots.

    "I get out of my car and I hear, 'Bam, bam, bam, bam,'" Halliburton said.

    Lobban worked with the three victims as bouncers at the Ocala Entertainment Complex, officials said.

    According to police, Lobban admitted to shooting his co-workers. He told investigators one of the victims had recently "punked" him and videotaped it.

    Loban told police that before the killings, the four went out shooting together and the three victims pulled a prank on Lobban. He said they rigged his gun so it wouldn't fire, shot cellphone video of it, and then teased him about the incident.

    It's video police would like to see.

    "It's the one thing he has given up as any type of explanation for what he has done," said Sgt. Angy Scroble with Ocala Police.

    Police said someone slipped the wrong size of ammunition into Lobban's gun.

    Detectives said the victims were shot to death at point-blank range, and that Lobban then ran away from the scene, dumping the gun in a trash can just down the block, where police found it.

    Prosecutors said Lobban planned the killings, and confided to a friend that he was "sorry" for what he was about to do.

    Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn said he was shocked to learn about the triple homicide.

    "That's just ridiculous, it makes no sense. It's senseless that three people lost their lives. It's a sad situation," Guinn said.

    Officials said Lobban had been feeling resentment toward the victims since the incident.

    "When they told me he was shot and killed I was shocked. I mean, I never thought one of my friends would be shot and killed, especially someone I have known for so long," said Reid. "I know it may have hurt his feelings and embarrassed him, but that still doesn't give you the right to take somebody's life."

    Lobban was booked into the Marion County Jail and is facing three counts of first-degree murder.

    About 100 people held a candlelight vigil at the Ocala Entertainment Complex Sunday night to remember the victims.

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    Ocala man denied bail after allegedly killing co-workers over prank