• 3K Seminole Co. students head to rezoned schools


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - In Seminole County, 3,000 students will go to new schools when classes begin Monday.

    They've been forced to switch schools under the recent elementary school rezoning.

    Some parents told Channel 9's Bianca Castro on Wednesday schools are now overcrowded because of the changes.

    Parents are upset because not only will their children attend a new schools but they may be stuck in a portable building due to overcrowding.

    Workers finished installing portable buildings at Woodlands Elementary to accommodate the 50 extra students enrolled at the school this year.

    Longwood resident Holly Coffey's son Brice is one of them.

    "I will not be happy if my kids are in one of the portables," Coffey said.

    She had hoped to keep her two sons at their old school, Heathrow Elementary, but it was over capacity.

    Coffey's neighborhood got rezoned to balance out those numbers.

    "That was the whole point of the rezoning, to even it out and then to go to an overcrowded school to an overcrowded school, it just doesn't seem right," Coffey said.

    District officials said even though the rezoning was successful for the most part, it wasn't perfect.

    Portables have also been installed at two other elementary schools.

    "It's not a perfect science by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it's the best the committee could do with the information they had at the time," Seminole County Director of Attendance Tim Harper said.

    At the time there was no way to predict how many families would move into new zones, which is one of the reasons enrollment numbers are rising.

    The whole process still leaves parents with unanswered questions.

    "I really feel like they should have not even messed with it," Longwood parent Jessica Braz said.

    Officials said results will depend on how attendance numbers even out over the next several weeks.

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