• 4 charged in brutal Orange County middle school fight


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV talked to two teenagers accused of violently beating a girl in a middle school fight that was captured on cellphone video in Orange County.

    WFTV learned on Friday that three girls and a boy were charged with felony battery in the fight, which erupted near Robinswood Middle School.

    Julia Slaughter, 14, said she was attacked by a group of former friends over the fact that they weren't friends anymore.

    In the cellphone video, several teens can be seen pummeling Slaughter.

    "We was halfway down the street, and they was hitting my friend and she wouldn't do nothing, so we kept walking," Slaughter said.

    However, the suspects are telling a different story, claiming the victim had provoked them during an earlier incident.

    Authorities said the video was a crucial piece of evidence for building a case against the four teen suspects: Ziare Davis, Jasmine St. Gilles, Taytiana Hinson and DeShawn Haney.

    Davis and Hinson, who are cousins, said they were attacked first near Robinswood Middle School.

    "She came behind me and pulled my hair, and we started fighting," Davis said.

    "They hit my cousin first, and when you hit my cousin, if you hit somebody first, they're going to hit back," said Hinson.

    But Slaughter said she and her friend were simply walking home when teens started crowding around, someone jumped on her friend, and Slaughter got pulled into the mix.

    Hinson and Davis said another video shows a different side to the story. They said that video actually shows Slaughter going after them.

    "If you would've seen the real video, you would've heard us say, 'Let's go the other way,'" said Hinson.

    In the end, Slaughter suffered a slight concussion as a result of the repeated blows to her head.

    All four suspects were charged with felony battery. They were arrested but have since been released from an Orange County juvenile detention facility.

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