• 3 teens, 1 adult accused in home invasion, assault


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - Three teenagers and one adult are accused of invading an Orange Count home and assaulting an elderly woman, a young boy, and a teenage girl.

    Deputies said five people invaded the home on Hawkes Avenue, but only four were arrested. One juvenile was released to his mother.

    The three teenagers attended a hearing on Thursday, where a judge decided they need to stay at the juvenile justice center. The judge said the forth person is an adult and is expected to make an appearance before a judge Thursday afternoon.

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    The four men are accused of assaulting the 77-year-old woman and trying to rob her 13-year-old great grandson.

    “Everything started happening so fast,” said 13-year-old Trevor Bailey.

    He told WFTV that the five people held him up at gunpoint in his  house after he had a conversation with them about his X-box.

    “They just walked in and took the money and punched me in my face.  They ran to the car and they pointed a gun in my face saying you better back off,” Trevor Bailey said.

    His sister, 15-year-old Ciara Bailey, and some quick-thinking neighbors are being credited for helping deputies catch the violent accused thieves.

    Ciara Bailey said she was in another room when she heard the accused thieves assaulting her brother and her great grandmother. She said she ran to help.

    “One of them with dreads had a gun pointing at me,” she said. “He's like if you come any closer I’m going to shoot you.”

    As the suspected home invaders fled the house, Ciara Bailey chased them and dove into the car as it pulled away.

    "So I ran, I jumped in the car and I started fighting one of them and then that's when all of them started hitting me, and I was hitting all of them and then they said, 'We're gonna shoot you, we're gonna shoot you,'" she described.

    Ciara Bailey said the driver stopped the car and jumped out when he saw her great-grandmother taking down the license plate number and grabbed her by the chest. Bailey said that is when she jumped out and started beating him up.

    As the commotion escalated, neighbors jumped in to help by taking the guns and holding four of the five intruders as deputies moved in, said the great-grandmother.

    "I was like surprised and then my adrenaline started pumping. I'm running this way, that way, trying to figure out what's going on. It was crazy, like nothing I've experienced in my life," said neighbor Anthony Davis.

    Bailey said, "I think he was really nervous that he was getting beat up by a girl."

    “They got scared when they saw all of us running they just got scared,” said one neighbor. “That's why the car stopped running. They could have killed us.”

     The names of the people arrested have not been released.

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