• Villages golf cart drivers not immune to texting and driving law


    SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. - A new law in Florida bans texting while driving.

    For the more than 50,000 golf cart drivers in the Villages, that means no texting for them, too.

    Most people Eyewitness News spoke with support the ban.

    Some want no part of texting but they said it's catching on and that it doesn't mix with driving a golf cart.

    Villages resident John Swart said some golf cart drivers have no business behind the wheel, much less texting while driving.

    "We've heard them time and time again, say---'I lost my driver's license. But thank God I can still drive my golf cart.' I mean, come on. If you can't drive a regular vehicle, what the hell makes you think you can drive a golf cart?" Swart said.

    It's why Swart and his playing partners agree that the new state ban on texting while driving also applies to golf carts.

    "Of course. I mean, you're driving. You have to keep your mind on the road, or on the cart path," Gary George, Villages resident said.

    The paths, streets, and shopping centers of the Villages are crowded with carts and the Sumter County Sheriff's Office said the law applies no matter where you steer it.

    Members of Swart's play group said texting isn't just for kids.

    They said plenty of Villagers do it too, which is why they're happy about the ban. But Swart said he'll never get a ticket for it, because he doesn't text.

    "I'm not, but I can't speak for the rest of them. My thumbs don't work that fast," Swart said.

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    Villages golf cart drivers not immune to texting and driving law