Engineers monitor 10-foot-deep sinkhole at Altamonte Springs condo complex

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — Residents were forced to evacuate Monday when a sinkhole opened up in their Altamonte Springs condominium complex.

The sinkhole opened up Sunday at the Oasis at Pearl Lake condo complex on Alden Parkway, officials said.

Engineers have been monitoring the 10-foot-deep hole.

Officials said Altamonte Springs police helped them evacuate the six affected units.

Raw Video: Altamonte Springs sinkhole

Some residents said they have moved all of their belonging from their units.

"They were concerned for the structure of the building so we went ahead and got our stuff out last night. It could get bigger at any time," resident Robert Rapalje said.

Complex managers said they are working on a plan to assist residents with relocation expenses.

"We want to make sure that everything is good for you to go back in the building. We have to be safe," said leasing manager Michael Hatton.

Caution tape was placed around the hole by Altamonte Springs police to prevent anyone from falling in.

"It's unsettling. It's Florida. It can happen, but I'm just glad nobody got hurt. I'm glad we go a chance to get our stuff out," said Rapalje.