• 64-year-old Deltona man badly beaten by home intruder


    DELTONA, Fla. - Volusia County deputies are still searching for a Deltona home-invasion suspect they said beat up a 64-year-old Deltona man.

    Thomas Riley said he woke up at 1 a.m. and found a man standing above him in his Portview Avenue home.

    The retired veteran sleeps without his hearing aids and said he didn't know anyone was inside the home until it was too late.

    "I said, 'I don't have any money,' so he hit me and said, 'Give me your money or you're going to die,' and he hit me again," said Reilly.

    Reilly said he keeps his front door locked. He said he has cats, so he leaves the garage door open just a hair so they can get in and out of the house, so he believes the intruder got in through the garage.

    The intruder beat Reilly repeatedly, but only got away with $15.

    Reilly called 911 and was treated for a concussion and a laceration to his head and left hand. The head wound required staples while the hand wound had to be stitched.

    "He shouldn't hurt people," Reilly said of the intruder. "He would have gotten the same $15 out of my wallet without hitting me so many times."

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    64-year-old Deltona man badly beaten by home intruder