• 66-year-old beaten, robbed at Lynx Central Station in Orlando


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 got a look at how Lynx is working to keep passengers safe after a man was beaten and robbed at Lynx's Central Station over the weekend.

    A police report obtained by WFTV's Mario Boone claims a nearby security camera wasn't working when 66-year-old Fitzroy Nugent was robbed at the station on Saturday while he was waiting for a bus.

    "One come from the front and one come from out the bushes behind," said Nugent.

    Nugent said the bandits first snatched his iPhone and then went after his jewelry.

    "He said, 'Get the gold. Get the gold. Get to his wallet,'" said Nugent.

    Nugent said he had a firearm on him but couldn't reach into his pocket because of his oversized rings.

    There are dozens of security cameras at the station, but the Orlando police report said "the security camera wasn't functioning" near Nugent and didn't capture the brutal assault.

    "That make me feel bad because (I could) have lost my life," Nugent said.

    Lynx director John Lewis strongly denied any surveillance cameras were broken and invited Boone to be the first reporter ever to go inside the room housing those cameras, and it appeared all cameras were in working order on Thursday, Boone said.

    Nugent said he just wants to know why Orlando police said the opposite, and he wants to make sure they're working so no one goes through what he did.

    "Fix it, because the police say they been known that the camera been broke, but they never do anything," said Nugent.

    Since January there have been five robberies, 13 batteries and five fights in progress calls to the station.

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    66-year-old beaten, robbed at Lynx Central Station in Orlando